Specializing in Micro controller


Science and technology is making rapid growth in their applications. A micro controller is a self-contained system with peripherals, memory and a processor that can be used as an embedded system. Micro controller are IC-chips that are embedded in product , machinery, household appliances. That is why micro controller has another name as ‘Embedded Controller’. Due to it can be embed with any technology it has several applications which opens many doors of opportunities.

Why Micro controller-
When it comes to micro controllers are considered to be heart of these systems. Micro controller 8051 includes easy set of instructions which are available widely. Some the advantages are listed below :
1. As it is programmable in nature, it is flexible.
2. Programming of Micro controllers is simple to learn. Its not much complicated.
3.Cheaper in manufacturing as it is integrated in a chip.
4. Human efforts are reduced as comes in practical use and task can be completed fast and quickly. mainly reduces human efforts and time.


Application of Micro controllers varies as per field

Micro controller has become an important part of different field. It is used in robotics, electronics, spave,mopbile communications almost in all fields. It is used for developing and controlling the activities of numerous applications that are used on a daily basis. Some of the applications of micro controllers have been discussed below:


1.Medical Applications
In medical application micro controller are used in monitoring devices, fitness meter,glucose meter and detection system. It’s purpose is to help the customers to achieve innovative possibilities. The MSP430 MCU is ideal in complementing the trend of connectivity for personal and portable devices such as glucose meters and blood pressure monitors that run on coin-cell batteries. There are several many applications which are regularly used and has too much scope.

2. Robotics
New technology provide advanced reliability and safe automobiles. Technology embedded with micro controller in automobile is aimed to give secure, comfortable and reliable user experience while driving. Micro controllers are controlling a car’s engine. Which gives better user experience. Companies like google and apple are often trying to hi-tech driverlerss cars. This is very big step and challenging task to micro controller programmer. These robotic application guvesd chance to many controller specialized people.

3. Electronics
Coming to the electronic appliances and gadgets. micro controller has various applications. Micro controllers are used in Various types of mobile phones, security alarms,traffic signals, cameras, measuring instruments and many more. Electronic voting machine is also a great practical example of microelectronic application. In these electronic applications the main circuit, mechanism is controlled by micro controller.

Strategies to Select Engineering Project

If you are a good Engineer and you are damn serious about your project. Then you must know some strategies that will help in opting a right project for you. There are number of projects you will find online but it doesn’t always working well as per your expectation. Getting a right project almost makes benefit while starting your career. So here are some strategies you need to keep in mind while you opt a project.

1. Select a Project that adds value –
Being an engineer , you must select a project that will show up your potential. Your project is an an complete model of your idea, thinking and the concepts that you can develop for others ie. for industries. Selecting a project is just not mean that it is only for your academic exams but also for your growth in industries. It should affect other people and get impressed.

2. take a look at concept-
Before choosing a project , it is necessary to you to check that is it perfectly implementing your concept. Be clear about your concept and ideas which is needed to implement. Having a pwerful and innovative concept takes your project to upper level. If you are ready with your concept, then and then only you can impress the others with your project.

3. peripheral needs-
Engineer of any branch should think about the peripherals which are needed. For eg. if You are Computer engineer then the software and hardware which required are available or not, are they compatible with your project. Peripherals should be supportive.

4. Project Execution-
Once you have chosen your project, make sure that it will perform as well as expected. Make a plan for execution, that how it should executed. This will greatly reduce the chance of problems to occurs. Executing well as per your plan will turn into huge success. Take a responsibility of solving for the problems that may occur while execution. This will make you more impressive.

5.Plan the work
Firstly, prepare the plan of action, how will you work on projects. Set some guidelines that you should follow while working on project. Make a list of everything that needs to be done. And work according to it. Working as per plan will make make your project more perfect as it can be.

6. Stick to the schedule-
In order to be successful, you have to stay sticky to your schedule as per your project plan. This will allow your project to get completed within a time span allotted for it.

These are few points which are needed to take into consideration while seleting a good project and working on it. Your project will represent your skill, so take care about selecting a project for you.